Do I have to wear lingerie?

No, you don’t!
Every woman has her version of sexiness and sensual style.
“Boudoir “does not have to be lingerie. It can be a simple white T shirt and jeans or black dress.
Anything that represents your personality and make you comfortable will be fine.

If you need some ideas on lingerie style, you can find many many examples on the internet.
Here are some links for the ideas

Viscoria Secret
Bellefleur Lingerie Boutique

OK. Then what should I bring?

I encourage my client to bring at least 4 outfit. If she wants, she can bring lingerie also.
Mix with casual, night-out dress,
A few high heels and some accessories to go with outfit.
Here are some tips:

Black dress is always a good choice

blackdress2blackdress2 Cannot go wrong with simple Black dress

tank toptank top But, If you don’t have one.
Bring a black spaghetti tank top

Solid color! Not busy patterns!

Solid color looks great in photographs. You can bring any dresses you’d like but if you have busy pattern dress, bring some solid color ones too. I will help you decided which one would look good or maybe we will try out both of them!

solidsolid YES!!! Solid Color

patternpattern No!!! Busy pattern

Be Elegant! Be Sexy!

For lingerie tips, matching bra and panties set is always good! Also "baby doll" is a good choice especially when you feel lingerie is too much skin showing, baby doll gives you a bit more coverage and looks cute/sexy.  

matchingmatching Matching Bras and Panties

baby dollbaby doll BabyDoll

Where does the session take place?

Photo session will take place at the studio that I created in my house. I carefully designed it for boudoir session with large windows, sofa, back drops and other props to make magic happen!!

Why not commercial studio or hotel?

I prefer more relaxed and intimate settings for my boudoir session. Most of my clients are not used be in front of camera, being taken photographs. I'd like to create comfortable environment as if she is visiting her friend's house and having fun doing make up and hair + photographying!!
However, if she wants to do photoshoot at her house, hotel or studio, I am all open to all ideas. 
I will consult with client and we will decide what's the best for her. (additional cost may apply for hotel shooting)

Please visit my blog "Studio setting" for sneak peek of my studio. 

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