Price List for the Prints

Exclusive High Quality Printing

Size 3.5 x 5 = $ 5.00 (Butterfly Package discount price)
Size 8 x 12 = $ 18.00
Size 10 x 15 = $ 35.00

Price for big size prints:

Any prints larger than listed above should be properly framed. Price varies depends on the size and type of material for the frame. Your photographer will assist you decide which to order for best fit. If you have a budget, please let us know!

Price List for Digital Copy

High resolution images

You want to own your beautiful original images for yourself?
Once you purchase them, they are "Forever Yours" !!!!

Every photo images are professionally edited and processed.
Purchase price is not cheap, but once you own them. You will have all the rights to your purchased images.

*You can print
*You can edit
*You can give to someone
*You can make a album and etc
At anytime you want with any printing service that you'd choose.

We have discount prices "more you buy, less you pay"

$55 per image (from 1 to 5 image)
$45 Per image (for 6 to 10 images)
$35 Per image (for 11 to 20 images)

Purchasing entire collection: Price varies depends on how many images you have in your album. 
This is once in your life time experience and we want to make it very special for you. If you have budget, let us know! 
We will work together and find best package for you.

We know that our price is not cheep
Let us help you with your payment!!!
Because we want you to have the most out of your experience with us

We offer "Paypal Credit" plan for any customer purchases of $99+
They can choose up to 6 months to pay!!

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